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The Effect of The Robust Dropkicks of Google Panda

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No matter how strong and powerful is Google Panda -Triond will always survive from its robust dropkicks. Triond's page rank is still substantial and awe-inspiring that all Triond writers should celebrate.

My attention was focused on Page Rank Checker. It is a free tool to check Google page ranking of any web site and blog site pages easily and to display its site’s Page Rank. The site is not affiliated with Google Inc., but it provides publically available information about page rank or values of the web sites or blog sites. What good about this page rank checker site is that you can install it free on your web sites or blog sites.

So I had used seven sites as my samples – five paying sites I am writing with: Allvoices, Bukisa, Factoidz, Triond and Wikinut and two blog sites that I am happily maintaining everyday: Ang Manlilikha and My Article Photo Blog.

Allvoices.com was not really affected when Google Panda was introduced. Allvoices is a site that caters both local and global news. The site concentrates on breaking news and current events that are happening around the world fed by its members/contributors from around the world. This site is under the category of News Web Sites which is favored by Google Panda. Its present page rank is still awesome of 6 from 10 possible points.

Bukisa.com a few months ago, some of us thought that the site was for closure. When Google Algorithm changes Bukisa suffered. However, Bukisa management worked hard to get back the trust of their members/ contributors. Its team agreed and decided to change some of its site policies mainly on posting article. In the present the page rank of Bukisa is 5 from 10 possible points. The site survives well against the threat of Google Panda.

Factoidz.com is a place to share knowledge. Share your expertise, meet other experts and earn passive income based on the quality of your participation. Its present page rank is down to 4 from 10 possible points compared to 7 from 10 possible points at the time when Google Panda was not yet active on kicking off poor quality content sites. This is showing that until now Factoidz is still suffering from the powerful dropkicks of Google Panda. Added there are numbers of negative complaints and feedbacks against the site from its own members/contributors.

Triond.com When Google introduced Google Panda, Triond was one of the many website publishers across the Internet affected. Mostly of us Triond writers were complaining why our views and earnings were notably decreasing in spite of our efforts and hard works – without realizing that Triond was ardently working hard to pacify the plague. And through consultation from its members/contributors the Flag button was materialized. Now some of us are using the flag button to report those stuffs as spam, adult content, plagiarism, insufficient quality and wrong category. I wish nobody will abuse it. Now the present page rank of Triond is 5 from 10 possible points which is two points a head of Wikinut and one point higher than Factoidz. No matter how strong and powerful is Google Panda -Triond will always survive from its robust dropkicks. Let us celebrate and stay tuned with triond.

Wikinut.com is an online publisher for the masses. You can write pages for Wikinut. They publish them online for a worldwide audience. As with many other websites Wikinut earns money by selling advertising space. For every article on their site they show targeted adverts. All the submitted articles are moderated by human moderators. Once people begin to read your content, any revenue generated by your adverts will be tracked by their system. You’ll then earn 50% of this revenue – and continue to receive these royalties for the lifetime of your article. At the present the site page rank increased to 3 from 10 possible points.

Ang Manlilikha was my first blog site I created at wordpress.com almost four years ago. This site caters all of my personal journals: poems in Filipino language and other articles I have written in English and Filipino languages. Now from personal blog site I exposed it to bigger and international audience. This site serves also as my landing page to share all of the articles I published at Triond and other paying sites. Ang Manlilikha also helps bring traffics to all the paying sites I am connected with. The present page rank is 3 from 10 possible points.

My Article Photo Blog is my newest blog site I created at Blogger.com from the idea How to Turn Article Text to Photo Blogging; a photo speaks a million words. This is also my other landing page where I shared mostly of my articles published from the different paying sites I am connected to. This blog also helps generate traffics and views to those web sites I am writing with. The present page rank is 2 from 10 possible points.

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