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How to Maximize The Use of StumbleUpon


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Now StumbleUpon has over 20 million stumblers using the site. It is a cool place and has potential to get more views and traffics for your articles. If one percent of the total stumblers viewed your articles pages they are equivalents to 200 thousands views. The site is a free web-browser extension which acts as an intelligent browsing tool for discovering and sharing websites and other awesome stuff across the Internet. So, there is no reason at all if you missed the opportunity. The site is open 24/7 waiting for your visits.

Aside from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus - you can concentrate and maximize the use of StumbleUpon to get more views and traffics for your awesome articles and other stuff. There are two ways to share articles at StumbleUpon through the normal way and through a feature created by the site called Su.pr. Both are legal and safe to use.

At StumbleUpon, there are two different ways to share our awesome articles to other users such as:

  • Share them through the normal way
  • Share them through a feature called Su.pr

What is sharing the normal way? Sharing the normal way at StumbleUpon is all about sharing your articles links, blog sites links or websites links - where you are asked for the following justifications like:

  • Is the article, blog site or website safe to work or safe to view?
  • What topics, tags or labels you will use?
  • You have to write a review which is optional

This normal way of sharing is intended to over 20 million of stumblers for their votes, likes, views and recommendations or to rate of what you shared on the site.

What is sharing through Su.pr? This is also about sharing your articles links, blog sites links or websites links. Su.pr is a feature created by StumbleUpon and there are thousands of users also using the application for their articles sharing.

The only difference from sharing the normal way to StumbleUpon - any items you shared on this feature are not intended to likes, votes, recommendation or to rate from other users. However, the feature has potential to get views and traffics to your articles - if someone spotted and clicked the link of your article shared there it is automatically counted as view. The feature works like this: Su.pr+Clicks=Views. And with the link of your article you can also add some text before posting. You can also schedule the articles for the dates when to post.

What good at this feature - you can also activate your accounts at Twitter, Facebook and other Pages and e-Groups you created at Facebook for the purpose of sharing of your stuff and what ever items you shared on this site will be automatically be sent off to those sites without doing the job from your side.

What I mentioned above are what I have experienced. Both are effective ways to get more views and traffics to my articles. Of course, I am not insisting this to you to do the same what I have done but if ever you thought that it will work for you too then go ahead and this is my advice - Use both ways. They are all legal and without spamming. But use them responsibly.

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