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Jet Li Fearless is About Love, Respect and Honor

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Fearless was produced in 2006. This video had become a controversial. Jet Li Fearless has two owners for copyrights: Copyright © 2006 China Film Group and Copyright © 2006 Rouge Pictures. This movie was based from True to Life Story in early 1900s.

It took me many days to find the full length to watch Jet Li Fearless movie in the Internet. Mostly of the uploaded movies about Fearless on YouTube were uploaded by parts. But today I found the full length and I decided to share it here.  

According to XtremeKr3w72, the person who uploaded this movie to YouTube – this video has blocked United States from viewing the content. The reason is unknown. YouTube did not realize that this is an English UNITED STATES movie produced by Rouge Pictures.

For those who already have watched Fearless – you can tell that this is extremely a captivating movie. And for those who did not yet watch the movie – I may suggest you watch the full movie through this site. The movie is about 1 hour, 43 minutes and 39 seconds.

Instead of telling you some of the episodes happening in the movie – I would rather suggest you better watch the movie and find out what the movie is all about. I can promise you – you will enjoy watching the movie though for children – they would need parental guidance. There are violence scenes in this movie.


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