Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Most Visited Site: Wikinut

Star- Achievement-badges Wikinut is not an advertising site, a news site or a social networking site. The site is just a plain friendly publishing site that accepts articles of different subject topics written by authors from around the world. Now Wikinut becomes the most visited site and had become one of the favorite sites for the hungry and thirsty search engines crawlers.

My heart beats faster to see the 907 views. My first feeling was I am speechless when I log-on at Wikinut this morning. Everyday when I visited Wikinut, the first thing I had to look at is my Wikinut Stats. Why? My daily views suggest many things such as:

  1. How I can improve my writing capabilities?
  2. How to write articles with relevant and quality contents?
  3. What tools and methods I should use to help attract traffics?
  4. What to do to get more views?
  5. How to share my articles to other networks without spamming?

We all know that the life of every article that we published here are measured by views. Articles without views are nothing but dead – no matter how beautifully we wrote them. This morning my heart beats faster while looking at the 907 views that my article pages received – recorded on October 5, 2011. It was the highest views I received at Wikinut so far. I even considered them not normal – as my daily views from the start of 2011 range between 300 and 400 views.

I do not write and publish article at Wikinut everyday. Even though I do not write article at Wikinut everyday – my daily attendance is 100% perfect. One of the things I perform there are to explore down to some of my old published articles and prepare them to share to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and to Google+ site. I also visited other Wikinut writers pages. Sometimes I left comments on them but most of the time I just read them and before leaving their pages I had to choose at least one or two of their articles and shared them off to Twitter and Facebook.

An article about Taboo contents received 501 views that day. My previous article entitled How Far We Can Express of Our Freedom of Expression as Writers on Taboo Contents published at Wikinut on August 24, 2011 received 501 views last October 5, 2011. This is about the negative traditions, objects, or behaviors generally regarded as harmful to social welfare or something that is forbidden by a society as unacceptable or improper – a strong social prohibition relating to any area of human activity or social custom that is sacred and forbidden based on moral judgment and religious beliefs. And it is considered ill-favored or offensive by society.

Another two most viewed articles on October 5, 2011. One is about an important commodity and a popular beverage. The article entitled Is Coffee a Healthy Drink that contents anti-oxidants that are widely used as ingredients in dietary supplements and have been investigated for the prevention of diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease and even altitude sickness. It was published at Wikinut on July 16, 2011. 

The other one was Will You Sell Your Tomorrow Through Credit Card. It was published at Wikinut on September 13, 2011. It said that Credit card when used at the right time can help you in emergency and if you don’t have medical insurance you will be accepted much faster in hospital if you have a valid credit card.

I am discovering ways to get more views. For the past few months, I found out that it is not enough to rely on the site that published my articles for traffics and views or to depend on sharing my articles to some social networks and other book marking sites including my personal blog sites. I found another effective way how to get more traffics and views. I focus on search engines also – I submitted my Wikinut Profile Link once a week the same what I am doing here at Triond to Bing, to Yahoo Bookmark and to Google news. These search engines are the root for views and traffics.

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