Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Passed The Test: Time to Cheers


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From the time I started sharing my articles at Wikinut, my writing has improved . This year 2011, I published 200 articles. There are 17 articles I wrote about Saudi Arabia – this includes my personal experiences in the Kingdom. Another 9 articles about Business and Business Opportunities. And then another 46 articles about writing – this includes my personal experiences, humor, guides, tips, jokes, true stories, short stories, funny stories and poetry. And another 12 articles about health, general health, wellness, managing health care, alternative medicines, diseases and infections, diets and nutrition.

I also had written articles about religion and other affiliations, columns and opinions and news and entertainments and so far I published 15 articles. And then I published 10 articles about family, parenting, teenagers, education, languages and relationships. Also 8 articles about money, money saving tips and making money and another 7 articles about history, culture, social trends, nature and plants. In addition, also I wrote 40 articles about reviews of websites, social networks, and book marking sites, web marketing, emails, blogs and blogging.

Also I wrote 7 articles about fiction writing and 10 articles about science, math and numbers and numerology. I also published at least 11 articles about philosophy, logic, Ethics and reasoning. These include also 8 articles about celebrities, people, music, performers, artists, singers and authors. 

Approximately 511 days to write my first 200 articles at Wikinut under the following categories: Articles about Saudi Arabia, Business, Writing, Health, religion, Opinions, News, Family, Money saving tips, History, Reviews, Fiction writing, Science, Philosophy and Celebrities. It took me Five Hundred Eleven days looking for ideas and additional information to support my articles. Now I can say I passed the test and it is about time to CHEERS!

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