Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fly Me to Visit Someone–a Contest Hosted by Nymgo

Nymgo is heating up its social media efforts by celebrating and honoring the hard work of expats and all kinds of people living all over the globe by launching the "Nymgo, fly me to visit someone"contest on its regional Facebook pages.

Nymgo_Fly Me To Visit Someone Good news for the people of Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan through Fly Me To Visit Someone which is a contest hosted by Nymgo, take the opportunity to visit a friend living in another side of the globe. Nymgo is awarding a total of 5 competitions and 5 round trip airplane tickets to one person on each of these Facebook pages the chance to fly anywhere in the world – by simply choosing a friend that he/she would like to visit. The contestant will simply upload a picture along with a required caption of maximum 500 words long explaining why he/she should win the trip to see that person.

About Nymgo – it is a software application that makes calls from computers to landlines and mobile phones over the Internet through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Nymgo charges users for each minute of a call from credit that users have purchased through the application. Since its launch in December 2008,  Nymgo has hosted more than 200 million minutes of user calls in 55 countries. Nymgo’s voice business model is unique in that it has a 100% paying customer base for its voice-only calling services, thus making it a type of competitor with other VoIP services such as Skype, Fring and Nimbuzz.

Nymgo’s contact details:

Hiba Maalouf

Marketing Coordinator,


Nina Martin

In early 2012, Nymgo will be the first known VoIP software company to bring its extreme pricing to international calls on its native iOS and Android apps. While both smart phones and VoIP technology have been around for years, Nymgo has married these two concepts together to bring crystal clear mobile-to-anywhere calling at the same rates they have come to expect from PC’s. Nymgo specializes in paid VoIP long distance calling, it is able to focus on giving consumers the first real alternative to that which is offered by the mobile network operators. You get a great quality of service, backed by their Fair Pricing and Every Day Low Pricing policies.

Omar Onsi, CEO and Founder of Nymgo noted in October 2010 that “since 2008, Nymgo has had 2 million downloads and all customers are paying. Last year 400 billion minutes were terminated all around the world. Nygmo goes after all international minutes and not just one group. We target expat communities, travelers and others. End users are the biggest user group for us.” 

In October of 2010, Intel Capital announced that Nymgo would be one of the three companies receiving a Series A investment round from its $50 million start-up fund. In 2011, Nymgo received announced a joint investment from Intel Capital and Abraaj Capital for an undisclosed sum. Nymgo has since revamped its networking infrastructure to improve its core voice-only calling business model and has begun the process of re branding its client apps and website user experience all the while preparing to roll out native smart-phone applications for the iPhone and Android OS in early 2012.

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