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How to Use Back Links Correctly?

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This article is consists of twenty-one summaries of articles that are already published at ExpertsColumn of different subject topics. I used them for this project. I wanted to prove that by using back links correctly will attract traffic, readers and search engine crawlers to the article pages. So instead of telling you how to use back links, I just decided to show them to you through this article.

Among the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, the Rat was found as the most smart and clever – the reason why the Cat and the Rat had become great enemies until now. There are many versions of stories why the Cat hated the Rat for the rest of his life and also they answered why the Rat had become the first among the twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals.

FCHAR is the scientific arm of The AIDS Institute, a nonprofit organization founded in Florida, with a focus on policy, research, advocacy and education. The Consortium currently comprises 116 members who account for more than 400 recent and ongoing HIV-related studies. The researchers represent seven universities and 12 other research entities across the state, which include researchers from the private sector.

From the time I arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines already had produced four presidents - from former presidents Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the newly elected President Benigno Aquino III, still I am in this foreign lands strongly fighting for survival for my extended family and to my beloved country. My youth and strength are already deteriorating. I often feel some joints pains. And yet, still, I am here undecided to go home with other million Filipinos.

The month of January is named for Janus. In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. He was known as Janus Geminus (twin Janus) with two faces looking in opposite directions. The first hour of the day, the first day of the month and the first month of the year bears his name. Janus is symbolizing the god of change and transitions such as, the progression of past to future, of one condition and of one vision to another. And because Janus symbolizes them, the making of New Year’s resolutions had become a tradition of the season. People begin to think of what they would like to change for the next year. They make resolutions for everything they can think of. And of course, I also did it the same thing as well.

Networking is a place for people who want to learn the real world skills of an entrepreneur, rather than the skills of an employee who wants to become a highly paid mid-level manager in the corporate world. Networking is really a business school that teaches values not found in traditional business schools. Values such as the best way is to teach yourself and other people to become business owners than teach them to be a loyal employee working for the rich and big companies.

DXN is a Global Business. It can be done by part time or full time. At DXN, you can work from home with very low overhead, risk free, flexible hours, no boss and no geographical limitations - with your DXN ID card you can do the business worldwide. It is a proven business system – like a franchise that has helped millions of independent entrepreneurs around the world in realizing their dreams to come true. DXN represents the finest products with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can sponsor people into the business and even train them to run their own DXN business, which is an effective way of leveraging your time. DXN helps ordinary people earn extraordinary income.

We, writers are also considered as entrepreneurs and businessmen. Our products are in the form of articles, photos and videos and other awesome stuff that we always love to share to other net surfers across the Internet. Normally we always give enough time to create them before we can offer them to some paying sites. And when they are accepted for publication, our next move is not only to sit down but to promote them. We applied different methods to bring them out and reach people across the net.

Inside the Live Writer, I created a road map and bridges manually to connect my blog sites with the Live Writer Windows and when it was done, I let Live Writer determined what photos I should use for this project according to the article I had written for the experiment including keywords for the Search Engines Optimization, when it was done I had to use tags and the tags I used here were the categories that those 200 articles fall such as: Business, Celebrities, Family, Fiction Writing, Health, History, Money saving tips, News, Opinions, Philosophy, Religion, Reviews, Saudi Arabia, Science and Writing.

Delicious is not just a sweet word. It is a name of another awesome social book marking web service for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks with over five million users. It caters your favorite's article pages, website pages, blog site pages, movies, music videos, photos and other imaginable stuff that you owned, other pages you liked and loved. If you will have the interest to try Delicious for your sharing activities, the site is open to everyone who loves discovering awesome websites and article pages.

At the start of December 2011, my goal was to publish at least 200 articles at Wikinut before the end of this year. I worked hard to complete my promise. Here I learned a lesson – that when a promise is made problem will follow. And that problem will measure how far I could keep my promise. The first two weeks of December this year, I did not write continuously for Wikinut due to of my job that need my immediate concentration. First time I had experienced to work with Inventory. And I learned that inventory of available goods is done yearly during the month of December.

Before the circumcision was initiated, Joseph and Mary were asked about the name of the child - it was Joseph who replied, "Jesus." And then the circumcision followed by using a very sharp knife because at that time there was no scissors yet and no anesthesia. And Jesus had cried vehemently of great pains. After the circumcision was done, the couple left the place and headed to Bethlehem, Judea's census section to register Jesus. However,Joseph and Mary immediately left the place and went home when they spotted that some soldiers sent by King Herod - instructing the census people to include the names of all children, their parents and date of births of all children born during that certain period. This will answer why there was no record about Jesus Christ's birth date.

For the benefits of new would-be columnists, ExpertsColumn is consists of columns written by its member contributors - the columnists based on various areas such as technology, education, cars, gaming, finance, health, lifestyle and etc. with each covering all the aspects of the respective slot. According to the site, its aim of developing the site is to match with an ever growing demand of information by providing valuable information on the wide range of topics. Experts is open for those who have anything to write. They can show up their talents on writing on the space created for them by the site and at the same time they can earn revenue.

Anyone who plans to venture business should possess the knowledge on how to manage his money and other resources. He has to learn and improve his financial intelligence on how to making more money, protecting his money, budgeting his money, leveraging his money and to improving his financial information.

I am already in my 50s but the memories of my past life are still haunting me though they are exciting and memorable. Those times I was swimming with friends at the white beaches: it was so alluring to feel, to touch and feel the sea breeze on my body and met beautiful young women of my age! I was eighteen and was attending a party that night. I was standing on the corner of the dance floor when a beautiful lady came around. She was dressed in red with long hair down her back. Her eyes were full of life, love and expectation.

Last February 2011, I published a short review about Factoidz at Triond. I highlighted the site as a leading community of writers who produce top-quality, highly-trafficked and widely distributed articles on factual and informational topics. Their commitment is to provide timely, fresh and well-written content to their dedicated reader base as well as people seeking information on the Web at large.

In my first week of work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – one thing that came to my mind was to take some trips outside the city. I wanted to visit some of the historical places, including mountains of rock and mountains of sand dunes, which are good places for excursions on weekends and holidays. It was a Friday. With my peers, we visited on some of Riyadh’s treks. First was a trip to Hidden Valley.  At five-thirty in the morning, we started our trip as no-one wants to drive under the sun.

I still remember I started my blogging hobby five years ago at Word Press. My blog was intended only for limited audience. Mostly of my published blog articles there were based from my personal experiences. However, after those two long years on blogging, I focused on writing blog articles intended to general audience. From that time on blogging had become my favorite hobby.

The fear and doubt are some of the human weaknesses. They can cause failure – in our love life, our daily life and our dreams to come true. Recently I attended training and seminar at Olaya, Riyadh City hosted by the Daxen Diamond Team in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The said training and seminar are free to enjoy by all its Daxen members and distributors here in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and also for all the Daxen members and distributors around the world.

Christians in Saudi Arabia can celebrate Christmas too. As a matter of fact, they can exercise their faith in the Kingdom. However, they cannot exercise it publicly instead, they should observe it inside the home or inside the Embassies, Consulates or in a chosen safe place. Who are these Christians in Saudi Arabia - they are the people who are members of different groups of faiths under the umbrella of Christianity such as Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans or Baptists, Fundamentalist Christianity, Pietism, Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, Holiness movement, United and uniting churches, Restoration Movement, Jesus is Lord, Christ the King, Church of Christ, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and many more.

Your Blog can be your storefront of all the things you loved to share across the Internet. Blog is very helpful for your writing hobby, for your business and for socializing to people around the world. And to create a blog at blogger, the steps are easy as one, two and three. Just recently, I noticed that Blogger has made some changes on their blog platform. Some of the helping tools or the blogger widgets to enhance a blog site were already deleted. However, anyone can still create a blog on their site.

Everyday million of people are surfing and browsing out the Internet to spot some interesting things such as books,Internet games, fresh news, fresh articles, people, celebrities,new inventions, new products, music, movies, places and other imaginable things that people love to touch, read, hear, smell, taste and watch. Many websites are widely used not only for socializing but also for business purposes. Now many colleges and universities are already offering different courses available online such as accounting, banking and finance, article writing, short story writing, Network marketing training and seminars and many more.

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