Thursday, January 5, 2012

Maximize The Use of Delicious

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November 22, 2011, I started using Delicious for my sharing activities, I had already created at least six stack. with different article links taken from different publishing sites that published my articles like Triond, Wikinut, Squidoo, ExpertsColumn – including article links from my two blog sites: My Star Articles and My Article Photo Blog. So far I have two featured stacks: Triond Star Pages and the Star Article Blog. What good at Delicious, you can add more links to every stack you created.

Delicious is quite similar to StumbleUpon, especially now that StumbleUpon has made some changes on their site. At Delicious you can share your awesome articles, photos and videos and other stuff to other Delicious users. The site has the potential to bring traffics and views to your article pages too as well as to the sites that published them.

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