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Synonyms and Antonyms for Various Aspects of Personality

To create vivid verbal pictures, you must select words that denote or suggest your exact meaning. But you cannot develop accurate word portraits without a supply of words denoting both the positive and negative aspects of personality. Both require the selection of proper tints or shades.
There are several groups of words that provide a wide range of synonyms and antonyms for various aspects of personality such as:
Stimulating - the person who arouses or excites the minds of others is stimulating or provocative. If uplifting thoughts and ambitions are aroused, the person is inspiring. If vivid interest and feeling are displayed, you may call the individual enthusiastic, ardent, eager, animated, lively, sparkling or vivacious. The person who presents new ideas or old ones in a new way, is original or refreshing. The opposite of a person who is stimulating is one who is boring, uninteresting, tedious, tiresome, or wearisome. He may be apathetic or phlegmatic; stolid, unresponsive or impassive; inane or silly.
Good tempered - the terms used most often to described a good-tempered person are good-humored, even-tempered, pleasant and amicable. The person is amiable who has sweetness of temper – is kindhearted, friendly, cooperative and in other ways attracts liking and affection. The bland person is soothing and mild, neither irritating nor stimulating. The benignindividual is gracious, gentle and kindly. The even-tempered person is calm, tranquil or serene. The opposite of a person who is good tempered is one who is cross, incompatible, surly, churlish, warpish, fiery, crotchety, irascible, testy or touchy, irritable, disgruntled, querulous, petulant or peevish.
Tolerant - the tolerant person recognizes the right of others to have opinions and practices different from his or her own, and so is understanding. This individual is lenient and merciful. He or she is democratic and so practices social equality. he or she is unprejudiced or unbiased. The tolerant person also is forbearing and is patient even though there is reason to be angered. The opposite of a person who is tolerant is narrow-minded person who is unwilling to tolerate opinions, customs or actions that do not conform to his or her own ideas or practices. One who points out flaws, usually in an unpleasant manner, may be described as critical, faultfinding or censorious.
Flexible - if you were to work and live harmoniously with others, you must modify your ideas and behaviour in accordance with changed conditions, new information and individualpersonalities, without compromising your own principles. The person who possesses and uses this ability is flexible, adaptable, tolerant or open-minded. The person who is amenable is willing to yield or submit. But if complaint, he or she has the disposition to accept meekly without question. Plastic, pliable, pliant and malleable all mean susceptible to influence or modification by outside pressure. The cooperative individual works with others toward a common goal. The opposite of this person is obstinate, stubborn, mulish, dogged, pertinacious, inflexible, immovable, obdurate, implacable, adamant and inexorable or uncompromising, rigid, unyielding and intransigent person.
Objective - objectivity is largely dependent upon one’s temperament and ability to make judgments without prejudice or emotion. The impersonal or detached person is free from personal concern; he or she is calm and objective in judgments. One who is willing and able to make decisions or choices that are practical, sensible, just and fair is reasonable. The fair person does not permit his or her own feelings, prejudices or interests to sway judgment. This person is just, applying his or her standard of what is right to every situation. The opposite of this person is self-centered who finds it difficult to be impersonal judgment and is apt to be biased by personal emotions and desires.
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