Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I Learned From Blog and Blogging

From my blogging – I learned how to show respect and love to my host country: Saudi Arabia. I learned how to differentiate job and business and other opportunities. I learned that writing is a medium to tell the world what I know and what I love. I learned how to care my personal health and how to manage them.
From the time I started sharing my blog articles, there were about 17 articles I had written about Saudi Arabia that includes my personal experiences in the Kingdom. I learned that immigrants will live with peace in mind and without fear through appreciation and understandings with their cultures and abiding the laws regulated in the Kingdom are the most important things to consider aside from its beautiful history.
To write them was really a big challenge. I had interviewed some Saudis and other immigrants for information. I had used encyclopedias for more information about the country, its people, its culture, tradition and about the law regulated in the Kingdom. So far, I had written 9 articles about business and other business opportunities.
From those articles I learned that job is only temporary. When an employee became incapacitated, he loses his job. His job cannot be transferred to his loved ones. There’s no financial freedom in job. He has no freedom to enjoy and has a very limited growth. I even said that there is nothing wrong to learn other things – even though a person is on his job when he can use it someday or after he retired from his job.

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