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Dondon: The Dragonfly Who Always Love Flying Now Cannot Fly

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This is a short review on Dondon's plight. Dondon is one of the million OFWs presently in Saudi Arabia but on KSA Deathrow after he killed a Saudi national for "Self-defense". He was imprisoned here in Dammam Central Jail since August 15, 2000. He was sentenced to death by Beheading.

Self-defense or private defense according to Wikipedia is a countermeasure that involves defending oneself, one’s property or the well-being of another from physical harm. The use of the right of self-defense as a legal justification for the use of force in times of danger is available in many jurisdictions, but the interpretation varies widely. And to be acquitted of any kind of physical harm-related crime (such as assault, battery and homicide) using the self-defense justification, one must prove legal provocation which means one must prove that he was in a position where not using self-defense would most likely lead to death, serious injuries and property damage.

This article was written with permission from Dondon. For details please refer to the following links Tutubing Lumipad sa Piitan ay Bumagsak and at

Now he is appealing help from our Philippine Government to save him from Death Sentence. He uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube aside from sending text messages and sending emails to friends to seek help.

Lumayo si Dondon sa sariling bansa upang sa ibayong dagat ay hanapin ang suwerti, ang kapalit ay mga sakripisyo sa buhay, relasyon, kinabukasan at marami pang iba. 


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