Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pakistani Women Can Fly High Up The Blue Skies

Ambreen and Nadia Gul It is said that Fighter pilots must be in optimal health to handle the physical demands of modern aerial warfare. Excellent heart condition is required, as g-forces have a tendency to suck blood away from the brain. Fighter pilots also require strong muscle tissue along the extremities and abdomen, for mounting an anti-G straining maneuver when performing tight turns and other highly accelerated maneuvers. And better-than-average visual acuity is also a valuable asset.

Two Pakistani women have hit their dreams to come true to become fighter pilots. Now they are part of Pakistan history to be remembered from generation to generation as the first two women who can fly high like dragonflies up the blue skies.

These two Pakistani women: Air Force Flight Lt. Ambreen Gul and Flight Lt. Nadia Gul with strong will and determinations successfully passed the training. They did not care what people would say. They said, “It’s a profession of passion. One has to be extremely motivated. We love flying. We love to fly fighter jets – to do something for our country which is very unique.”

Fighter pilots are military aviators trained in air-to-air combat while piloting a fighter aircraft. Fighter pilots undergo specialized training in aerial warfare and dog-fighting. They are one of the most highly-regarded positions in any air force. Selection processes only accept the elite out of all the potential candidates. An individual who possesses an exceptional academic record, physical fitness, healthy well-being, and a strong mental drive will have a higher chance of getting accepted.

As recorded in Pakistan there are only 40% of adult women who are literate. Women are victims of domestic violence and abuse and the country still lacks a law to protect the women against domestic violence. However, in 2006, as recorded, seven women broke into one of Pakistan’s most exclusive male clubs to graduate as fighter pilots – who are considered the most prestigious job in the powerful military for six decades and Ambreen and Nadia are one of them. They are also the women rights fighter too.

Air force Flight Lt. Ambreen Gul who is 26 was married to an engineer from Islamabad which was arranged by their families in the best Pakistani tradition last year. She said that when she waked up on that day which was the International Women’s Day – she will be marrying to a man she has only seen once before and with whom she has barely exchanged a word. 

While Air force Flight Nadia Gul who is 27, whose army captain husband is serving on the front line of Pakistan’s war against the Taliban in the wind-swept mountains of Swat, won a prize for academic achievement at PAF’s during the first women fighter pilot graduation. She said that it was history. She was just a girl who went to college and came back home in a great profession. Her families and relative were very fascinated and impressed. Her husband was very supported and proud.

Both Air force Flight Lts. Nadia and Ambreen believe that marriage and in the future – motherhood can complement, not replace a career, provided they have a supportive family.  

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