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VMobile: Source of Income

V_1 If you are a Filipino living abroad or other nationals with families living in Philippines you can enjoy the following good opportunities at VMobile. With a VMobile account, you can maximize the use of your mobile phones and can access the different mobile networks like Smart, Globe, Sun, Talk N Text, TM and Red Mobile.

Through your mobile phone you can engage in a Universal Prepaid Loading Technology and enjoy a lifetime discounts and income. With a VMobile account you can send over-the-air loads, pin based products to your family, relatives and friends abroad wherever you are in the world. VMobile business is open to students, housewives, employees and other professionals.

Also with your VMobile account, you can enjoy other Xtreme products like the PLDT Landline Plus such as Bayan phone, Bayantel, DGmax, Digikard, Globelines, PLDT Budget and PLDT touch card. Not only that, with your VMobile account you can connect to Satellite and Cable TV such as Dream Satellite, Smart Link and TFC.

Also to Internet/Broadband such as Blast, ISP Bonanza, Smart Bro, Sun, PLDT Vibe, Airborne Access. This include also to the different Online games such as Amped, Egames, Garena, Game Club, High Street5, Kapamilya Casual Games, Level Up Games, Lineage II, Mobius Online and Softnyx Online Game. Also with your VMobile account you can avail the AXS card for your awesome ride with MTR or Pasig Ferry. AXS card is offered to the commuters of MTR7 when it becomes operational in 2012. 

How to avail a lifetime discounts for the said offered products from VMobile?

V_2 First you would have to become a VMobile TechnoUser member (Retailer) with a reasonable price from 250php to 300php. With that amount you can start your loading business aside from enjoying it for your personal use. Or if you wanted for a bigger income VMobile is also accepting VMobile TechnoPreneurs (Dealers) to enjoy the TechnoPreneur Fast Tract Package in the amount of 3,988php only.

With that amount of 3,988php you and your family will receive 20 technocards for your TechnoUsers subscribers that can be sold at reasonable prices from 250php to 300php only with 3 freebies of Smart Buddy Simcard. You can use these 3 Smart Buddy Simcard either for your personal use, for your loading business or you can sell them to people at 40php each.

You can exercise the full power to help others.

When you become a VMobile TechoPreneur Dealer you can exercise the full power to help other family members to start the “pasa-load” or the loading business and also you can inspire your other relatives and friends to earn. By doing it, you are complying the saying of a Good Samaritan like “Give them a fish and you feed them for a day.” How much more if you taught them how to fish? For doing it, you feed them for life. And if they became interested and have learned how to fish and they succeed, you will be remembered!

What is Fast Tract Package?

V_3 The TechnoPreneur Fast Track Package (FTP) refers to the number a person would like to avail such as (1) FTP = 1 package, (2) 3DFTP = 3 packages and (3) 5DFTP = 5 packages. A person can also avail up to 15 packages under his account name. The more packages he would get, the more business accounts he will enjoy and higher potential income for him. One account can possibly earn up to 30k php a day, 210k php a week or 900k php a month. If a person wanted multiple accounts they will generate multiple incomes. The Tripack (3DFTP) is considered the best seller where you will have 3 packages with three business accounts under your business account name.

What are TechnoUser Cards?

TechnoUser cards also known as access cards are access subscription cards for LoadXtreme System. The system is fully operational loading system – where a subscriber can avail a lifetime prepaid products discounts and able to earn a 10% to 14% as savings from personal load consumption which can be used as an investment too.

To make it clearer: a typical Filipino family spends an average of 1,000php loads each month. In one year, this family has spent at least 12,000php without an access card and they will continue spending on prepaid loads with out savings. However, if this family has used the VMobile TechnoUser card, this family will save at least 1,200php a year at 10% discounts – where they can use it to buy other things.

In addition, with TechnoUser Card, this family can start a home based loading business and earn a retail profit. How much more if each member of the family uses TechnoUser Card for personal use as well for loading business? We can expect a more benefits and more income even though some of them are busy playing with “tong-its” or “mahjong”. They still enjoy the good benefits and earnings!

How to start a Loading Business with VMobile?

V_5 A TechnoUser should have to replenish first his loadwallet at least from 500php and above. Loadwallet is not an expense. It is the running capital to run a loading business. It is like a buy and sell loads methods. This is a universal loadwallet where you can sell all types of loads of all mobile networks available such as Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk N Text, TM and Red Mobile plus the other products available and offered at LoadXtreme – now they are over 300 products so far and they are all available through the use of one cellphone or a mobile. For the TechnoUser subscribers – VMobile is convenient for loading. They do not need to go to a store to buy loads.

Unlike the traditional loading, the person who is running this type of loading business would need a separate loadwallet for each mobile network he is selling. Example: one for Sun, one for Globe, one for Smart and so on. Also he will need to buy additional mobile phones with simcards at least 1, 2 and 3 cellphones.

Other Income at VMobile Business

When you become a VMobile TechnoPreneur Dealer – you will get 1% from the total loads incurred or has spent form each of your TechnoUser subscribers. If you have 20 TechnoUser subscribers and each has spent at least 1,000php a month for personal use you will get 10php multiplied by 20 that is equivalent to 200php and it will be immediately credited to your VMobile account as income and you can use them as an additional running capital for loading business.

Aside from 1%, when these 20 TechnoUser subscribers paid you the access Technocards at 250php each, they are equivalents to 5,000php and out of these amounts you gained some profits amounting to 1,012php against the amounts of 3,988php you paid on your registration.

Not only that, at the time you become serious in teaching other people how to fish and they become interested to use the same net you are using – for every head who will register to become a VMobile TechnoPreneur Dealer, the VMobile Technologies Inc. will pay you 500php as your commission – meaning if you invited at least two people and they registered like you, they would become your VMobile business partners to be placed and lead Team A and Team B under your supervision. The more people you invited, the more commission you will get and the VMobile will pay you monthly in Check to be in cashed at the following banks like BDO and BPI and other banks assigned and accredited by VMobile.

History of VMobile

V_6 According to VMobile Xtreme Profile – VMobile Technologies Inc. known as (VMobile) was established in April 2008 as the latest addition to PentaCapital Group of Companies. PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines known for its unique expertise in debt and equity underwriting, financial advisory and project financing.

The inception of VMobile is a renewed commitment to ensure stability and address the growth requirement of LoadXtreme which was originally dubbed as Universal Prepaid Loading System. The service offering was later introduced to the public as LoadXtreme after a successful evaluation and acceptance by subscribers. It is one of the time-tested and proven features of the mobile commerce platform developed by the founding and present Technical Development Team of VMobile.

Following the success of the LoadXtreme program, VMobile is now venturing into wellness industry by forming another division, the Xtreme Wellness. VMobile has partnered with Nature Ceuticals Corporation – a company that provides quality products that are beneficial to one’s health; promotes healthy lifestyle and practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Together with nature Ceuticals Corporation, VMobile aims to distribute wellness products to the market through it networks of dealers and retailers.

For inquiries send emails to ppruel@gmail.com, ppruel@yahoo.com or send text/call to mobile number (0533475056)

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