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The Basic Sharing of Articles is Still The Best


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When Google Algorithm changed the views of my articles not only in Triond but also on other sites I am writing with including my blog sites have decreased drastically.

Looking at my Triond Traffic Geo Distribution – it records the following: China has garnered 32% of my audience, and then followed by Saudi Arabia 24%. Before United States was my number one audience, it garnered 62% to 65% of the total views – now it records 13%, and then followed by Taiwan 11%, Republic of Korea 9%, Philippines which is my country 6% and India 5%.

My global audience are referred by the following referring sites: is still the number one referring site and then followed by,,,,,,,, and

I don’t stop sharing my articles to other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Google Buzz, iGoogle and other imaginable social networks including my blog sites at wordpress and blogger and sending them off to search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and AOL though still my views are not increasing well.

This analysis has taught me a lot and of course, I will not stop sharing my articles to social networks and to search engines but I will not just depend on them instead I will go back to basic way of sharing my articles. Before these hundreds of social networks came alive – we do share our articles and other stuff to our friends through email attachments. This old way of sharing for me is still the best.

When we send off articles to our yahoo contacts, hotmail contacts, Gmail contacts and AOL contacts - we are sending them personally as an invitation. Besides we know these people we are sharing to. We can ask them directly for their visits and comments and we can also request them to share them to their friends of friends if they are comfortable.  

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