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Triond is Vulnerable for Plagiarism

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For the past few months I am writing with Triond - I had noticed that this site is one of the most fast searchable sites ever created at World Wide Web. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other imaginable search engines can prove my testimony - a reason I see why Triond had become vulnerable for plagiarism too!

A while ago, I was with my Internet surfing when I accidentally spotted to one of my articles published at on April 25, 2011. This article was about Internet Threat and it was also published at Word on the same date under the authorship Putra Bloging. He/she did not add and changed any additional contents on my work only my authorship was deleted. In the bottom section of the article, he wrote his copyright name Bazza1972 25 Apr, 2011 and under it is the source of the article.

As I digged down his site, I also found other articles published there which are familiar to me that were already published on some of the websites powered by Triond. I copied them and included them in this article – who knows you are one of the authors for the following articles I listed below.

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  • Dilemma and Karma (2)

    Normally, I blushed though still I had controlled my temper. But before leaving from his site I left a short comment, I quoted them said, “Thank you for featuring this article in your site. It meant so much to me. At least now I know that there are more people out there who loved my silly thoughts and my stupidity. I appreciate it.” I used my blogger pen name “King of Herbs”.

    I can say now that Triond is really a remarkable site ever created and a prone site for plagiarism too!


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