Monday, October 3, 2011

Will You Consider This as a Threat: Pruelpo, I'm Watching You. Do Not Do Anything Stupid!

Published on Trifter, Apr 24, 2011 Category – Asia and Pacific

John Watson IV

This is really disturbing. And I could not just ignore it without action from my part.

Around 2:35 PM today, April 24, 2011 Saudi Time – I received a short message from Triond Team said, “Dear pruelpo, John Watson IV is now your fan!”

Of course, I was happy and excited knowing that someone out there is now my fan. And my next move was to check out John Watson IV’s Triond profile immediately to add him also as my Triond friend. But what surprised me was this awesome threatening lines he wrote on his personal profile page that says, “pruelpo, I’m watching you. Do not do anything stupid!

I went further to investigate his Triond profile and found out that he has not yet written anything. His tag cloud is poetry. He has no profile photo yet. He already has two friends added: Necromancer112 and myself.

Last March 16, 2011, I published an article about My Secret Sharer - who accidentally landed on my Triond dashboard. And from that time I started experiencing some awesome problems here like: my Gmail account was hacked, the Triond site was blocked for 8 days in Saudi Arabia, some of my works was plagiarized.

Now here is the guy who’s threatening me. What I have done to John Watson IV? Who can help me to identify him?



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