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Your Voice is Your Weapon

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If you're writing at Hub Pages - follow its site policy. Duplicated text in your article can cause you to be kicked-off-out from the site. You're not given the credit even though you first published your article on their site before you revised it and offered it to other paying sites or before you shared it to your own blog site - your published article on their site will be turned off and marked it as unpublished.

On November 28, 2011, I published one article at HubPages entitled: Delicious an Appetizing Site. On the same day around 9PM, I made some revisions of the said article and offered it to Triond. I replaced the title to Pruelpo is Sharing a Short Review About Delicious, re wrote the summary and added more information on the article body particularly the history of Delicious site and Triond approved and published it. The next day, November 29, 2011, again I revised the article, replaced the title to Delicious for Storing, Sharing and Discovering Web Bookmarks, re wrote the summary and added some links of the samples of stacks I created on Delicious site and offered it to Wikinut. The site approved and published it. The article received a star.

This morning, I received an alert from HubPages Editor said, "Please review the automatically generated warning below, and correct the problem if possible. These warnings are only visible to you, the author. This Hub seems to contain text that also appears on another page and may be unpublished as a result. If you revise the content so that it is unique to this Hub, it will automatically be rechecked for duplication.

"The issue of duplicate content on HubPages is completely separate from issues of plagiarism or copyright. All that it means is that we found text very similar to what is contained in this Hub elsewhere on the Web. Promotional or affiliate links are strictly prohibited on Hubs identified as duplicate.

"Please do not contact us to say that this is your original content that is published on another site. However, if you believe that this content should not appear anywhere else on the Internet, please contact us. Include the URL or title of this Hub in your message."

As fast as lightning, I opened my HubPage account and went directly to the article and edited it. However, I did not change any text of the whole article because in my thought - if I change the text of the original article I published on that site, the originality of the article will become invalid so instead, I just added some important notes - I quoted them here said, "HubPages is the first to publish this article before I offered this to other sites including my blog site as per the attached links:

Pruelpo is Sharing a Short Review About Delicious | Webupon
Delicious for Storing, Sharing and Discovering Web Bookmarks
My Star Articles: Review About Delicious--an Awesome Bookmarking Site

"I am the original author of all the articles I published. I also kicked off thieves. I hate plagiarists and spammers too. In other times, when I write articles based from researched, I always mentioned the sources. Now, if this article will be the cause that Hub Pages will delete my hub account because the site has spotted some duplicated text in spite I confirmed that I am the original author and also testified that this article was first published at Hub Pages site, it is your right and I have no right to object it.

"Go ahead delete my account. No hurt feelings, I already saved all the articles I published here at my blog site" After adding some notes I resubmitted the article for consideration.

What came next, I received again an alert said, "HubPages now has a Google+ page. Add us to your circles to get insider tips, updates, and more!" For me this is evidence that HubPages already has broken its policy that said, "Promotional or affiliate links are strictly prohibited on Hubs."

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