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Labor Offices and The Labor Disputes Committees

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And these committees are considered as special courts to study the labor cases and make decisions in accordance with the Labor Law. These committees are:

  • Preliminary Committees for Settling Labor Disputes.
  • High Committee for Settling Disputes, which has a number of division in the Kingdom's regions.

There are (37) thirty-seven labor offices located all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia distributed within its regions and most of its districts. Every worker may approach any of these offices and inquire about any issue relating to his/her work relation with the employer in order to be enlightened as to his/her obligations and rights.

List of Labor Offices in the Kingdom by Regions and Districts with their telephone numbers:

  • Labor Office in Riyadh Region - Tel number: 01/4024444
  • Labor Office in Alkharj District - Tel number: 01/5448231
  • Labor Office in Adduwadimi District - Tel number: 01/6431803
  • Labor Office in Almajma'ah District - Tel number: 06/4321724
  • Labor Office in Wadi Addawasir District - Tel number: 01/7840264
  • Labor Office in Azzulfi District - Tel number: 06/4220235
  • Labor Office in Shaqra District - Tel number: 01/6221342
  • Labor Office in Makkah Region - Tel number- 02/5420745
  • Labor Office in Jeddah District - Tel number: 02/6311687
  • Labor Office in Attaif District - Tel number: 02/7461616
  • Labor Office in Alqunfudhah District - Tel number: 07/7321250
  • Labor Office in Al Madinah Region - Tel number: 04/8272747
  • Labor Office in Yanbu District - Tel number: 04/3222688
  • Labor Office in Alula District - Tel number: 04/8840830
  • Labor Office in Qassim Region, Buraydah - Tel number: 06/3250387
  • Labor Office in Unayzah District - Tel number: 06/3640285
  • Labor Office in Arrass District - Tel number: 06/3333502
  • Labor Office in Hail District, Hail - Tel number: 06/5321139
  • Labor Office in Eastern Region, Dammam - Tel number: 03/8261419
  • Labor Office in Al Ahsa District - Tel number: 03/5820835
  • Labor Office in Hafar Al Baten District - Tel number: 03/7220220
  • Labor Office in Al Khobar District - Tel number: 03/8641541
  • Labor Office in BuQayQ District -Tel number: 03/5661324
  • Labor Office in Al Jubail District - Tel number: 03/3620150
  • Labor Office in Al Khafji District - tel number: 03/7660380
  • Labor Office in Ras Tannurah District - Tel Number: 03/6670424
  • Labor Office in Aseer Region, Abha - Tel number: 07/2242128
  • Labor Office in Bishah District - Tel number: 07/6226718
  • Labor Office in Al Bahah Region - Tel number: 07/7253240
  • Labor Office in Najran Region - Tel number: 07/5221431
  • Labor Office in Jazan Region - Tel number: 07/3226446
  • Labor Office in AlJawf Region, Skaka - Tel number: 04/6241766
  • Labor Office in AlQurayyat District - Tel number: 04/6421108
  • Labor Office in Tabuk Region - Tel number: 04/4221181
  • Labor Office in Alwajh District - Tel number: 04/4421970
  • Labor Office in Northern Border Region, ARAR - Tel number: 04/6627128
  • Labor Office in Turayf District (at the Ministry) - Tel number: 04/6521029

Normally, it is advised by every Embassy and Consulate of every country that when a migrant worker arrived in the Kingdom - he/she should report to his/her Embassy or Consulate and inform them about his/her work, location, contact number, his company/employer and other information.

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