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When to Terminate The Work Contract

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In Saudi Arabia, the work contract signed by the worker and the employer is terminated if the said contract specified period has ended. Likewise if both parties agreed to terminate the contract provided that the worker approval should be in writing.

To terminate a contract - it must meet the following reasons such as:

  • The employer and the worker may terminate the work contract which do not has a specified period, due to a legitimate reason after notifying the other party in writing (30) thirty days before termination.
  • The worker should not be dismissed from work without a justified reason. In case the worker was dismissed without a justified reason, he/she may approach the concerned labor office within two weeks of termination.
  • When the worker contract ends, the next presumed step is for the worker to return to his/her country after receiving all entitlements. If the employer did not commit to deliver all the workers entitlements, the worker should report this to any labor office located all over the Kingdom.

The instructions state that any worker can not obtain a travel visa unless the employer submits a proof that the worker had received all his/her entitlements.

However, the employer may dismiss the worker without a prior notice in any of the following cases:

  • The worker impersonate a fake personality or a nationality, or had submitted false certificate or documents.
  • If the worker was under the probational period or prior to the end of the probational period.
  • If the worker intentionally or negligently made a mistake in which a sizable financial loss inflected on part of the employer, provided that the employer reports this to the concerned agencies within (24) hours as of the time the employer knew about such mistake or neglect.
  • If the worker violates the instructions of work safety or place of work.
  • If the worker did not care for the main duties on his/her part according to the work contract.
  • If the worker was legally convicted or sentenced by a court for a moral crime or an offence that affects honor, trust or morals.
  • If the worker discloses any secrets of the establishment in which he/she works.
  • If the worker assaults the employer or the responsible manager during working hours.
  • If the worker was absent without a justified reason for more than (20) twenty non-consecutive days or (10) days consecutive days during one year.

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