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Private Recruitment Agencies in The Kingdom

Recruitment? Newspaper!

Recruitment? Newspaper! (Photo credit: Spanner Dan)

These agencies work according to specific rules such as:

  • They are not allowed to take any fees from the worker for intermediate recruitment. Moreover, these agencies collect their fees from employers who requested them to participate in recruiting workers from abroad. Such dealings are agreed upon between the two parties (the authorized agency and the employer).
  • In case any Saudi private recruitment agency requires to be paid any amounts of money from any workers as fees for recruitment, the worker should report this to the nearest labor office in the Kingdom in order to take necessary procedures towards the owner of such agency. These procedures are being made because the recruitment agency is not permitted to charge any fees from workers in accordance with the provisions of the Saudi Labor Law, decisions and provisions regulating the work of the private recruitment agencies.
  • Private recruitment agencies may recruit workers for their own private work and under their supervision for the purpose of providing interested employers with labors (Labor Services) for limited time period according to regulating provisions for these services, provided that such labors supplied by private recruitment agencies are only male workers. This does not apply to the provision of female workers.

There are restrictions for providing labor services. The most important of these restrictions are:

  • Providing appropriate accommodation for workers.
  • The signed contract between the recruited worker and the recruitment agency must state that the agency has the right to assign the worker under its supervision to provide labor services for employers interested in such tasks.
  • Complying with all obligations imposed by Saudi Labor Law, Social Insurance Law, implementing regulations and decisions issued for the application of such two laws.
  • Provision of labor services should be supplied in adequate wages.

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