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The Essential Qualities for a Would-be Writer

Tutor Appreciation 2009

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It began when the Writers’ Bureau in Manchester, had offered me a tutorial course in Creative Writing by mail. At first, I was undecided about accepting the offer. My reason was that the English language was not my spoken language. However, it did not diminish my ambition. I accepted the offer.

It was in July 1999, I met my Tutor. She was Ms. Margot Raneri. She believed that self-confidence and dedication are essential qualities for a would-be writer.

The highlights of my tutorial course were my Tutor’s comments, advice and reminders. These three elements have helped me in developing my writing ability. Despite the fact I was a slow learner, I became so aggressive about wanting to learn from the course. I studied the modules in depth, the hundreds of corrections on my works such as, the sentence-constructions, spelling, and spacing, when to use the article a, and an, including the narrative prose, dialogue and thoughts, the action, description of the characters, and the right presentation.

I worked hard. However, still I had the feeling of fear. Fear that I might fail the course.

Nevertheless, my fears were gone when I received my Tutor’s comments on my works. She said I had always devised very interesting ideas for the subject via a straightforward style. I had devised a good atmospheric style, with strong characterization. I had always devised a very interesting storyline that revealed the necessary conflicts and dramatic high spots for a story.

She further advice me that I should study the corrections intently. I should study English, at home either via a grammar-book or at a college, as part of the learning process. That I should learn from my mistakes, as the most vital part of my tutorial course, for these things would benefit me when the course is over.

Market research is a vital importance too, and that I should study in depth those publications, which interest me the most. I should not rush through the course at speed, and I should also write articles, stories in my own language, she said.

All these reminders, advice and comments from my Tutor are the essential elements to consider for myself as part of the learning process. Now I had become so eager to become a writer, with dedication and determination! 

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