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Why You Should Continue Writing at Expertscolumn

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If you are new with the site - first you have to focus and understand the rules and guidelines of the site. There are certain amounts of guidelines that a columnist should adhere. I quoted some of them and included in this article. Experts-column is just another paying site that pays for your articles or columns. Now the question follows: How does Experts-column differ from other paying sites? If you already has started publishing your awesome articles with the site - you can answer the question based from your experience with the site. And for the new one I hope this might guide you on some ways.

The site is consists of columns written by its member contributors - the columnists based on various areas such as technology, education, cars, gaming, finance, health, lifestyle and etc. with each covering all the aspects of the respective slot. According to the site its aim of developing the site is to match with an ever growing demand of information by providing valuable information on the wide range of topics. is open for those who have anything to write. They can show up their talents on writing on the space created for them by the site and at the same time they can earn revenue.

How to become a columnist at To become a columnist at you must do the following:

1. Open or Create an account

2. Provide your Pay Pal ID

3. Confirm the account from your email Inbox

After the approval of your application - you can now proceed to the next level and enjoy of being a columnist by doing the following:

1. Write your first column or article and submit

2. If approved, promote it on your blog, related sites and social networks

3. And then, bring in or attract more readers and visitors to your published article

Expertscolumn will not require you for an AdSense ID. The site pays on per view basis. The site generates high CPM (cost per mille) earnings and when you reach the minimum earnings of 5$, the payment will be sent off immediately to your Pay Pal account. So when you provide your Pay Pal ID be sure that it is correct to avoid payments delay.

As columnists of Expertscolumn there are more benefits to enjoy with the site, I quoted some like:

1. Revenue Sharing: Columnists are eligible to earn a share of revenue on CPM basis. They pay around $1.50 CPM for every thousand views that your columns generate. When more and more readers come to read your columns, you simply make more money.

2. Bonus for Referring Members: When you refer other columnists you will earn 10% of the revenue earned by them from the site quota for lifetime.

3. Gift Rewards: From time to time, the site runs various contests to reward columnists who perform outrageously in those contests. You could win gift reward or even a monetary reward from the site, if you are the lucky one.

4. Social Networking: After you register an account with the site you can start making friends, sending messages, posting comments and etc.

According to its rules Expertscolumn is strictly moderating each and every column submitted by a columnist before it goes live online. So a columnist should adhere to the guidelines in order to get his column approved such as:

1. The column must be your original work. The license to post column must be exclusive to you. It should be 85% original in every aspect.

2. Author name must be the same if already posted on some other website otherwise they will delete it without any prior notice.

3. Write authentic, non-scripted, easy-to-read and structured content.

4. Write informative columns which are of some value to others. Don't write slang, insane columns.

5. Your columns must not contain sexual, adult, pornography, hatred, violent, vulgar, and any material which is against AdSense Program Policy and Terms and Conditions.

To help you raise your income dramatically at consider these tips:

1. Write at first and then on other sites.

2. They will pay you the highest rate. Write Original and unique content. They deal very strictly with plagiarism (duplicate & copied content). Also take care of spellings and grammar.

3. Don't forget to link back to your columns from other sites as this will increase the traffic coming to your columns here and hence revenue.

4. Promote every column that you publish at the site. Use Google Plus (+1) button, Facebook like button and social links such as,,, and etc. present at the bottom of your every column page.

5. Use your referral link to refer your friends to Expertscolumn. They will pay you extra 10% of what your referrals would be earning there.

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