Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aside From Twitter and Facebook There is Twiends

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Twiends is another social network that help get more Twitter followers, Facebook likes and YouTube views.

Twiends is not only for fun and for socializing. This serves also as helpful tool to reach people out there whom you don’t know yet. Through Twiends you can find new would-be friends through the simple process of following.

Another useful usage of this site – it helps boost traffics and views for your blog sites or websites. When I became a Twiends user many people follow me on Twitter and more people added me as friend on Facebook and YouTube. So far I have over nine hundred followers at Twitter through this tool Twiends. Some of them became my avid fan readers and they helped me increased my online views.

Twiends help promote your business and personal stuff online. Although you should make sure that your site is built with love and care and with good contents. Content that adds value to other members, interesting and non-spammy content. Twiends will not allow you to create fake account, spam others and to use automation tools, like bots – they are software applications that run automated tasks over the Internet.

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