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Factoidz Strives to Promote an Active Community

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Yesterday I received an alert from Factoidz stating that they had updated their policy which previously stated that in order to keep current; a Factoidz writer has to publish at least one new article each year.

They said, "Now, all accounts will remain fully active without any time restrictions or requirements on activity. Publish once, and provided you stay within our guidelines, you'll receive earnings for that work in perpetuity. Plus, you can come back and publish anytime you'd like without needing to reinstate your account."

The site strives to promote an active community while providing a very easy way to earn passive income - and they think this new approach will brings them more in line with this goal.

They further said, "As a Reviewer, you'll have admin abilities to manage the testimonials that appear on your reviews. We've also given you a link on your Dashboard to go back and quickly rate the services you've reviewed in the past."

In other news, the site has just launched user ratings and reviews as a part of their editorial Product Reviews system. Now, in addition to reading the written review that a writer has provided, readers can add their own 5-star rating to products and services a writer covers, as well as submit their own testimonials. The site thinks that this will add a new dimension to reviews to make them more useful to potential customers.

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