Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Effective is Triond Detector Tool to Spot Duplicate Contents

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I am impressed for knowing that Triond’s detector tool to spotting duplicate contents could not really distinguish the difference between original and duplicate contents.

Yesterday, I wrote an article entitled Factoidz Changes Its Policy to Attract More Writers. The said article was intended first for Triond because I know Triond will reject duplicated items. When I finished polishing the article, I immediately submitted it to Triond for consideration and approval but what surprised me, the article was rejected. Their reasons – they spotted it as duplicate contents. How could it be? I originally wrote the article and I had not yet offered it to other paying sites.

So, I checked out the draft of the article saved on my computer desktop and started investigating the whole piece. In the article contents, I included some links of my previous published articles at Triond with some short justifications especially about my previous short review about Factoidz that was published last February 2011. But the contents of those links were differently written compared to my latest article that the site has rejected.

Of course, I honestly telling you that I felt disappointed simply because it is been a long time, I am writing with the site and that I really had that thought believing that Triond has all the capacity and power to see thoroughly the difference between original and duplicated contents. Now to compensate my hard works writing the article, I offered it to ExpertColumn and Wikinut after I made some light revisions on the titles and summaries.

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