Monday, November 14, 2011

Dynamic Views Template Increases Page Views and Page Earnings

Snapshot view According to blogger – Dynamic Views is the newest designed template intended for all blogger users. It is found with the older templates in every dashboard under the Template Designer section. If you decided to apply Dynamic Views, you have to click on the Template tab. In the Template Designer, select a default view for your blog from one of the seven available views. Setting a default view will establish the type of Dynamic View your blog will display when a reader visits it. For more details about Dynamic Views check out the link: Google Support Blogger.

If you are blogger users – you can now configure your blogs to display Dynamic Views and select a default view that best displays the type of posts on your blogs. Dynamic Views make it easier to read your favorite blogs. They make it easy to discover posts written long ago that you and your visitors may not have read.

Blogger assured that if you have customized your blog and wish to experiment with Dynamic Views, you can rest assured that your gadgets and other custom settings used before are preserved and will be restored if you switch back to a traditional template. And if you would like to revert to your previous template with all the layout customizations intact, just click revert to previous template.

However, Dynamic Views will work only on your blog if the following are true:

  • Your blog is public.
  • Your readers do not need to sign in to view your blog.
  • Your blog has feeds fully enabled.

Blogger also assured that Dynamic Views will continue to support any AdSense ads that you have hosted on your blog. Blogger has optimized all the seven views for the leaderboard (header) and skyscraper (sidebar) style ads. But you are also advice to use the latest software technology, blogger requires you to use the latest version of the most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome or Safari.
The seven Dynamic Views that your visitors will enjoy on your blog are as follows:

  • Classic View: A modern twist on a traditional template
  • Flipcard View: Photos tiled across the page
  • Magazine View: A clean, elegant editorial style layout
  • Mosaic View: A mosaic mix of different sized images and text
  • Sidebar View: An email inbox-like view with a reading page for quick scrolling and browsing
  • Snapshot View: An interactive pinboard of your posts
  • Timeslide View: A horizontal view of your posts by time period

What benefits you will get from the latest template application? According to Blogger – if you enable Dynamic Views for your blog, you will notice an increase in pageviews. The reason for this is that Dynamic Views provides more specific information about actions on your blog. Specifically, every click to a post is recorded as a pageview. If a reader clicks on 10 posts, you’ll see those clicks recorded as 10 pageviews. In a traditional Blogger template, if a reader enters your blog once, they can scroll through ten blog posts in a single pageview. So while it may appear that traffic to your blog has increased, it’s more likely that Blogger is simply recording more accurate data about your blog than was possible in the past.

Two weeks ago, I applied this application to one of my blogs health + Wealth = Happiness from Classic View to Timeslide View. My blog daily views increased as well as my blog earnings.

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