Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Smoke of Controversy


Image by AMagill via Flickr

This is another brain teaser. A healthy puzzle that needs answer. This is written in first person view point. My purpose is to inject the pains in you – to let you realize how painful is it when we hurt others. Just imagine if my subject can speak directly to you – he/she will kneel before you pleading for his/her life. Analyze the piece, the answer is in two words! Another challenge – a food for thought!

Yes. I cannot hide from you. I know that you know all about me.

I am a seasoned star
Had been the smoke
Of controversy for many years
Cherished by million of my fans around the world
I am so gorgeous with my apparel
Of a white gown that covered
My soft-slender-beautiful body…

One day, my sweet scent wraith
through the place, like a haunting
And my fans grabbed me
Tightly held my neck
they kissed my lips and cheeks
leaving them with luminous spits…

I had complaint, wanting to stop them
though they just ignored my wish
for them I am their asset…

I was yelling for help but nobody came
and in great pains, I cried
then I fell down unconscious…

The hour altered, dusk became dawn
I woke up and screamed so hard
Seeing myself lying in the pool of mud
With those filthy and ugly faces
My own effigy, those sizzling ———!?(Your answer please…)

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