Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Promote Websites, Blog Sites and Articles Free

imautomator_logo A while ago, I spotted IMAutomator. The site sets up a submission schedule for your bookmark to all the supported sites and then quietly submits them on auto-pilot according to the schedule you select.

According to its definition IMAutomator is a suite of tools designed to automate the task of building back links to your websites for the purposes of SEO. At it’s core it contains a number of submission tools, such as the Social Bookmark submitter, which allow you to submit the details of your link to IMAutomator just once, and then their submission engine does the work of submitting that bookmark to each of the supported sites.

IMAutomator puts your link building on auto-pilot – just enter the URL you would like to bookmark, IMAutomator extracts the title, description & tags or you can enter your own, and then submit. However, IMAutomator submissions must be in English. In the past the site has experimented with having foreign sites in the system but they have not been very effective. Now the site changed its policy – only those English speaking sites are considered.

Now the site has implemented a language filter into the submission process. When a submission is made, the text used is checked and if it does not appear to be in English the submitter will receive an error message and be asked to use English. Although it does not mean that all members submitting sites with foreign language content can no longer use IMAutomator – but it means that the submission itself must be made in the English language. If English if not your first language then what the site recommends is to use Google Translate to translate the title and description of your submission into English.

When you submit a link such as a bookmark to the system, the site stores the details of that link in their database. At the same time the site also creates a schedule of submissions to submit that bookmark to each one of their supported sites. You can choose how fast or slow you want the links to be submitted – by default for each bookmark, one individual submission will be made per day. This spreads out the back links slowly over time which is generally considered to look more natural to Google.

The site maintains a large pool of accounts at all of the supported sites and when the site submits your bookmarks, the site uses those accounts to do so. The advantage of this system is that it means that you don’t have to waste time creating accounts at a bunch of sites just to get started. You just submit your link, which takes just a few moments and you’re done. By the way, the site accepts free accounts.  

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