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26,752,000 Filipinos FB Users are Recipients for Facebook Ban

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Philippines have 26,752,000 Facebook users and still increasing everyday. Philippines garnered the number 8 position in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by country. The number one Facebook user is America. And out of 26,752,000 - 39% belong to Filipinos ages from 18-24 years old and 24% belong to Filipinos ages from 25-34 years old. And out of 26,752,000 Facebook users 48% of them are male users and 52% are female users. These recorded numbers of Facebook users are only from Philippines. There are still more than 10,000,000 Filipinos Facebook users who are presently living in foreign lands including myself. If Mark Zuckerberg is really decided to kick out these Filipino Facebook users from using Facebook, first he has to think twice before finalizing his decision as it is improper to punish everyone for the crime done by one or by some!

Whether it is True or not, the allegedly an online statement of Mark Suckerberg - the CEO of Facebook, which was released on November 16, 2011 at 9PM Pacific Time Zone has generated favorable traffics, views and hundreds of comments at Facebook site and on other blog sites across the Internet. His allegedly statement directly warned the Filipino Facebook users of Philippines to be banned from using Facebook - if they continue uploading pornography (photos, videos and other types) and sharing spam to the site!

Yesterday, the whole day, I used my time on net surfing to look for the original source of the said official statement of Mark Suckerberg. I had used all the possible search engines I knew but I was in vain. No-one of the search engines has guided me to the original source of Mark's statement. All of the published articles regarding the statement were all copied from a copied piece. I even penetrated Yahoo but they were all the same from a copied source. This morning, I visited Facebook hoping to see the original and official statement of Mark Suckerberg but there was no recorded official statement of his found there.

I quoted the allegedly statement of Mark Zuckerberg that says, "The porn attacks originated in the Philippines and are being published by Filipinos all over Facebook, our experts here at Facebook are doing everything they can to stop it from spreading any further (outside the Philippines) and to eliminate the porn and spam threat completely which have been causing other Facebook users ‘a hard time’. Filipinos should also be vigilant and report any spam links and pornographic materials. 41% of Facebook members around the world are aged 12-17 years old, we cannot them be exposed to this kinds of things through Facebook. If this continues and more spam keep being posted, we will have no choice but to ban Philippine users from using Facebook. We at Facebook will not tolerate outlandish behavior and indecency.'' Even if this is true or not - Mark has pointed out all the Filipinos in general.

According to some of Facebook platform policies, I quoted some that said, "You agree that you will not promote, or provide content referencing, facilitating, containing or using, the following:

  • Content that is hateful, threatening, defamatory, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

However, Mark Zuckerberg's statement is admirable. He shows how he really cares the minor ones and other Facebook users because Pornography is not really for general viewing!

For more details regarding Mark Zuckerberg statements and others you may visit the following links:

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