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Email Hackers are Everywhere: How to Avoid Them

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We cannot deny it that Internet is indispensable tool nowadays. Million of people around the world are using this tool for socializing, networking and other imaginable benefits from using the Internet. This tool is also used by those unscrupulous people for their fancies and whims.

Just recently, my Gmail account was hacked. I could not sign-In. I brought the issue to Google help center and I was told that they spotted someone using my Gmail account other than myself – espying my online activities. And they further advised me to immediately change my password.

Following their advice I had sent off my mobile phone number to them and in a few seconds I received the secret code immediately and that was the only time I had accessed my Gmail account. I am still using the same email address but with the new password code.

To avoid email hackers I recommend the following:

(1) Do not leave the site on log-on status.

Any site you are visiting – Triond, Bukisa, Yahoo, Google, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Wikinut and other websites that you always love to visit. Leave the site on log-out status.

(2) Do not entrust the password of your email account to anyone.

Your email addresses at Yahoo, Gmail, hotmail, AOL and other server provider to anyone – this includes your family, relatives and friends, email contacts, forum groups and other e-groups.

(3) Do not reply spam and other form of communications to people you are not familiar with.

Everyday there are tens and even hundred of spam letters coming to our mail boxes. Do not entertain them. It is better to delete them if possible. By communicating with these people you are giving them chances to hack your email and other personal identities about you. So beware of them. They are everywhere.


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