Sunday, September 25, 2011

Will You Plagiarize My Works

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If you plagiarized my works, it is understood that you love my works. You love my silly thoughts and you love my stupidity.

This article is the result from those articles I read this morning from my Triond Friend’s pages. I cannot believe that there are people loved this habit of stealing others works. Did they do that for money or for fame?

Now to make them happier, I am offering my works to be plagiarized but they should meet my three conditions.

  • They should not edit my articles.
  • They will use them and publish them as they are and
  • They should read first 102 times for each article I published here.

If they will focus on number three condition – I am so sure they will feel uncomfortable and might forget to plagiarize my works!

So far I have 102 articles already published at Triond excluding this one. They are available on those sites powered by Triond. If they (thieves) are willing and have the interests to steal my works – this is the link where to find them: My Triond Treasure Box. They can also include all my Triond badges too if they wanted them.

After they do that and they successfully published them - they can invite me to visit those articles and become one of their avid fan readers too. I will not charge them for anything. 


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