Sunday, September 25, 2011

Triond Website is Now Restored to Public in Saudi Arabia

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Published on Trifter, Apr 5, 2011 Category – Saudi Arabia

I feel better now and happy indeed that Triond is now reopened in Saudi Arabia after the eight days from being restrained on March 28, 2011. I have no idea what was the reason why it was blocked. Today at around 3:40 PM Saudi time, the site was set free.

For eight days I was totally isolated from the rest of Triond users. I could not access the website by using my desktop/laptop computers including net-cafe computers. I can only accessed Triond when I used my mobile phone for some updates. With my mobile phone I replied to some of the comments for my articles though my time was so limited and I could not visit my friends pages too. I am sorry guys.

During those days of longing my Triond dashboard, I did not just stop from there. I consulted Google about the problem. I even brought the problem too to to inform Triond. Not only that I also wrote a short blog and shared it to Twitter and Facebook.

I quoted ”Triond helps thousands of people around the world to earn online through sharing their awesome original articles. Now I am confused. I am puzzled as well – Why Saudi Arabia blocked triond? I would wish that Saudi Internet Regulatory Department can read this short message. And I would ask them to check out the site and at the same time to re open it to public. I am one of Triond’s Contributors. Articles that are published on the different websites powered by Triond are definitely informative and educational pieces.”


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