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How Does Saudi Arabia Combat Electronic Crimes

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Every country has the rights to combat electronic crimes. In Saudi Arabia, where I am working as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) the (SC) Shoura Council approved the law and submitted it to the (TITC) Telecommunication and Information Technology Commision.

When the said law was intensified in the kingdom, question emerged and had become the subject for discussion on some forum groups in the Internet. To read the details regarding the law please refer to the following link: http://prudaline.livejournal.com/.

The English Dictionary defined Electronic crime as any criminal activity involving the use of computers, as the illegal transfer of funds from one account to another or the stealing, changing, or erasing of data in an electronic data bank. This includes: (1) Email spamming (2) Email hacking (3) Money laundering (4) Plagiarizing of other works (5) Copying/stealing of copy righted materials (6) Supporting terrorists activities (7) Hacking into government networks (8) Stealing information related to national security of any country (9) Destroying values or public ethics (10) Advocating vice and immorality (11) Advocating drug usage (12) Publishing pornographic materials (13) Installing viruses that damage its facilities (14) Using the Internet to harm other (15) Advocating how to make explosives.

Some people looked at them as human rights violations without realizing that they are also protecting their human rights respectively. In Saudi Arabia it is now the job of the Telecommunication and Information Technology Commission to detect violators and if found guilty they are subject for prison sentence and fines.


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