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The Three Sources of Triond Potential Income

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The more you write articles, the more you refer people to Triond and the more clicks of adverts found on every article page you have are the three main sources of our Triond income.

While playing with my Triond control panel, my attention was focused on the earning section. Under it are grouped of words written such as Content, Referrals and Google AdSense. Each is displaying some amounts of money as my Triond earnings for this month which is now higher compared with my last month earnings. 

As I analyzed them, I found out that the more articles I wrote and published, the more the chances to get views and traffics. The more people I referred to Triond to become contributors, the more chances of bigger commissions I would get from my referrals if all of them are actively writing too and the more visitors to visit and read my articles pages are the more chances for the clicks of adverts which mean an increase of my Google AdSense earnings.

Now I understand why there is always a included message said, “Create More Content, Focus on Profitable Topics, Share Your Content, Add Triond’s Widgets to Your Blog or Website and  Follow the Writing Guidelines” with the notice from Triond Team when my article is approved and published on one of the websites powered by them.

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