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100 Articles for 74 Days of Hard Labor--a Legacy That I Could be Proud of


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My Triond dashboard had become my original book of records for all the transactions I am venturing with this site. From it I learned that I have already written about 100 articles so far including this one if approved for 74 days of hard labor - a legacy that I could be proud of.

Today I found out that my Triond dashboard is the most perfect place to look around for great ideas for articles. My Triond dashboard caters all the information about my overall activities at our Triond community.

During the month of October 2010, I had used six days to write my awesome blogging and I published at least 10 articles. For the month of November 2010, I published 5 articles for 5 days of hard works. During December 2010, I wrote and published at least 14 articles for 14 days of hard labor. For the month of January 2011, there were about 20 articles I published for 17 days working with my computer. For February 2011, I wrote at least 34 articles for 18 days. For the present month including this one if approved are 16 articles needed to complete the 100 articles. I wrote them for 14 days respectively.

The articles were written and published under 42 different categories (not including this article).

Opportunities – five articles, Business - five articles, Writing - eight articles, Conditions and Diseases – four articles, Issues – five articles, Poetry – one article, Social Networks – six articles, Christianity – two articles, Search Engines – six articles, Holidays – two articles, Money making – three articles, Shopping – three articles, Online Writing – three articles, Blogging – three articles, Technology – two articles, Thoughts – four articles, Asia Pacific – one article, Relationship – one article, Advice – one article, Philosophy – four articles, Meteorology -one article, Mathematics – four articles.

Islam – one article, Humor – two articles, Education – five articles, Government – one article, Style – one article, Book Talk – one article, Psychology – two articles, How To – one article, Work – one article, Religion – one article, Health – one article, Society – one article, Arts – one article, Paranormal – one article, Journal – one article, Spiritual – one article, Web Talk – one article, Ethnicity – one article and People – one article. 

If we will analyze those categories I mentioned above – they are hot keywords as well as hot tags that SEO (Search Engines Optimization) would love to crawl. Lastly, don’t stop playing with your Triond dashboard. I considered it as a great mine for great ideas for article writings. 

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