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The World Will Convulse with Lust, If You Do Away with Harlots

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Published on Socyberty, Feb 22, 2011 Category – Society

Some people said never discuss topics about sex, politics and religions as they are very delicate subject topics. But I do not agree with their logics because – there are many issues that the whole society are involved on sex, politics and religions. Example – today my topic is about Prostitution. It is defined as the act or practice of promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money.

Several words are used for a woman and a man who engages in illicit sexual activity for pay, including HARLOT, whore and prostitute.

This is an issue that people in general should know – why there are people have embraced prostitution? What our governments, religion and faith should do to stop prostitution?

Who will help these people involved in this craft? Some details about the subject are found on these links: what is wrong with prostitution, pruelpohealthwealthhappiness and pruelpowordpress.

How about children and youngsters who have gone through with prostitution? Should we condemned these people? They are not criminals!

Pope Benedict XVI, on his Pontiff’s words said, “Trafficking in human beings, especially women, flourishes where opportunities to improve their standard of living or even to survive are limited.”


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