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Ideas Come When I Don't Need Them

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Ideas don't come on my way when I needed them. But when I don't need them, they come on bunch knocking my brain.

Today, the whole morning, my brain was empty. There was no idea pouring in. I was totally out of inspiration. And this condition had almost pushed me to walk away from my computer. But before leaving, I checked out  first my Triond message box. And there I found a short message from one of my Triond friends. And from that message an idea has started flowing in.

I quoted the message that reads “I’m newbie in Triond. Could you give some tips to be succeeded in this site?”

I did not let him wait for long. I replied him immediately. I quoted them here as follows:

  • Write awesome original articles and publish them.
  • Share them to your friends, family and to social networks.
  • Make friends with other Trionders.
  • Visit other pages and leave comments.
  • Support other newbies by visiting and commenting on their works.
  • Share your Triond articles to your blog site: wordpress, blogger and other hosting sites.
  • Maximize the use of facebook and twitter.

In addition, I also invited him to visit and check out some of my articles published here as their contents contained all of the above I mentioned such as:

From that short communication, this article you’re reading now was the result. Also I promote my previous published articles with this article.


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