Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Secret Sharer is a Hacker Who is Also a Triond User


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Published on Socyberty, Mar 16, 2011 Category - Ethnicity

I am just a newbie at Triond. I am not yet a superstar here. But why someone here - who is also a Triond user/contributor is using my identity!

Last March 16, 2011 – around 9:30 PM Saudi Time, I found my secret sharer at Triond – who is also a Triond user/contributor in the named of John Watson. I know that name calling here is not appropriate though this is an issue that needs an immediate action.

While browsing other Triond’s users pages, to look for some new-would-be-friends to add - I found John Watson at One of Triond Users Profile Page as one of his friends. When I clicked John Watson, I was propelled directly to his Triond’s page. But what surprised me – it was my own dashboard page. He’s not me but me is he! What the hell is going on here?

What is his logic? What is his relationship to Triond site and its staff? Why Triond allowed him to use my whole identity?

In behalf of the thousand users of Triond – I am requesting Triond now and its staff to investigate this person in the named of John Watson ASAP, please.

Recently I wrote an article about How to Spot Yahoo Spammers and Hackers only to find it out now that I am already hacked by someone here at Triond.

John Watson is my secret sharer who also controls now everything I posted here. I have no idea how to stop him. Triond Editor, its Staff and all Triond Users – I am calling your attention please. Now I am afraid he might also hack my wife and my children! LOL…

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