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Four Ways to Share Our Triond Awesome Articles on Facebook

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If you’re inside Facebook you will see the section where you can choose and maximize on sharing your awesome articles to Facebook users.

That way of sharing is in accordance of Facebook policy and without spamming!

I might say that 99% to 100% among the contributors of Triond are already enjoying the maximum benefits of sharing articles on Facebook and that mostly of them have already familiarized the whole structure of Facebook.

May I ask you guys: How do you share your articles at Facebook?

I still remember – last December 2010, one of my Triond friends asked me this question “Does your article reach to all the Facebook or twitter users or to your friends only?

I replied by telling him the following, “Any stuff sent off to Twitter is open to its users. Any stuff shared to facebook will depend on how you want to share it to its users.”

Regardless of what type and kind of article that you would like to share to Facebook you are bound at least four ways to choose to share your article to Facebook users. If you were inside Facebook – updating your Facebook profile, you will see the section “Share”. Under it there are four ways or options to choose before sharing your article to facebook users.

  • Share it to your friends only.
  • Share it to your friends of friends.
  • Share it with your chosen audience.
  • Share it to everyone.

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Every time I share my articles at facebook, I always choose “everyone and friends of friends” alternatively. And that way of sharing is in accordance of facebook policy and without spamming!  

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