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The Art of Sharing of Our Awesome Articles to Our Blog Sites

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There are many ways how we can share our awesome articles to our blog sites - either by sharing the whole context of the article, the URL link of the article or the RSS feeds of our articles from the paying sites we are contributing. A while ago, I found an interesting way to share my articles to my blog site and I would like to share it to others.

It is understood that the purpose of sharing of our articles to our blog sites is to get traffics and views and inviting visitors, networked of friends and readers to visit the site where our articles are published.

Recently, I created a new blog site My Article Photo Blog hosted by blogger. My purpose for this blog – this will showcase all my articles published at the different paying sites. This means I don’t need anymore to write article blog for my newly blog site instead, I will just use those published articles found at the different websites that published my articles through by sharing them to my blog site.

My blog site has some features like YouTube videos, audio and some links like Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translator, Encyclopedia and other interesting links plus Google ad sense and Amazon. I created it with love before submitting it to Google search engine, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and other search engines. Also I connected it to other giant social networks like Facebook, Twitter and many more.

This is now the thrill. You can share your articles published at Triond and other paying sites to your blog sites through a new method – by turning your articles into photo blogging. Remember a photo speaks a million words.

This is what you would do for your effective article sharing:

  • Look for a photo that will describe about your article.
  • There are free photos available in the Internet.
  • Do not use photo which is a copy righted.
  • You can find them at Wikipedia/Wikimedia under creative commons.
  • You can find them at Flickr owned by Yahoo under creative commons.
  • If there are no available photos on those sites – use your own photo collections.
  • Write a short summary about your article underneath the photo you used.
  • Include the URL link of the article below the summary for the “Full Story”.
  • Look at the photos I included with this article and examine them.
  • Visit My Article Photo Blog – to see what I am trying to tell you are true – to get an idea.

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