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How Do Numbers Tell Our Life Paths, Our Expressions and Our Heart Desires--part Five

Bingo Number 11

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This is now the last part – if in case you will have the interest to learn some of the mechanics I applied here on how to calculate for our life paths numbers, expressions numbers and for our hearts desires which are also known as our souls urges – you may go back to previous parts. This last part is all about what my desire to be, to have, and to do in my life and this is also for people born with the same heart desire numbers.

My heart desire number is 11. I have already done all the mathematics necessary to work out this number. It is simply the total of the top row (the vowels) of my full birth name I discussed on Part Three. After adding all the numbers of the top row, I got a total of 47. Now to get my heart desire number - I will now add (4 +7) which is equals 11.

To refresh and to have a full idea about the subject topic, you may click the following – (only if you wanted to) for the purpose of self-study. I consider this as “Mind Exercise“.

For those who also bear with the same number 11 – its details are really interesting to read and to share.

Our heart’s purpose is to manifest ideals into reality but usually such an endeavor means that we must be a catalyst for change. For this reason many who encounter us actually fear us as what we suggest and say is a threat to their emotional and physical security. However this does not usually bother us as we have an innate realization that without chaos there can be no personal transformations or betterment of society. 

Our highest calling is to become the master of a religion or of a spiritual realm. This can be a painful process emotionally as it often means the stripping away of the personality and ego. Many of us travel a very difficult path, fraught with personal, physical and financial obstacles as the cosmos tests our mettle to have faith only in our higher self. 

We are considered as the ultimate seeker of truth and will go to any lengths to find spiritual teachers or gurus. This search often leads us on a path that is full of many pitfalls and disappointments as we realize that one spiritual system doesn’t work for us or that a guru or teacher is only human after all. However by the end of our life, we are fated to acquire a great deal of practical and esoteric wisdom. Many of us become as hard and clear as diamonds when it comes to our clarity about the human race

We also have the highest ideals of any other number and therefore set ourselves up for disappointment. Many of us are born to be very sensitive emotionally and many of our heart lessons have to do with detaching emotionally from the pain and misery of the human race. Common heart lessons learned by number 11s are not to take things personally, to realize that everything, including happiness, is transitional and to realize that nothing is perfect (especially humans.) At the beginning of our lives we are often very attached to people, but by the end we usually achieve an omniscient emotional distance that is more beneficial and healing for a large group of humans than just a few.

Often our search for spiritual truth leads us to experimentation with mind-altering drugs. We are fascinated with the idea of altering our consciousness to achieve enlightenment. Rather than drugs, teachings from a master or trips to holy or mystical places would better cultivate our talents.

One of the dangers of being an eleven is that we think our psyche can take in anything and not suffer damage. Some of the spiritual experiences that we desire may be too strong for our delicate nervous system. For this reason we need to avoid mind-altering drugs, situations that are too extreme or religions that invite us to host dead spirits. We are also more vulnerable to astral attack than the other numbers simply because we are like a wide-open channel that is willing to receive psychic information from others. As some psychic information is destructive we need to learn meditation and psychic protection techniques to shield ourselves from negative influences and energies.

As we are so curious it is very easy for us to be lead down the wrong spiritual path. If this does happen we are better off to forgive ourselves and move on rather than dwell on a mistake that we think may have ruined our life. Testing our faith with negative spiritual influences is another way that the cosmos assures that we will eventually learn to transcend the ego desires of our personality. Please bear with me this last part.

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