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How to Get a Triond Badge Without Posting Anything


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You might find the above title as a mind boggling question. But don't be misled guys. This is another silly thought I have today. And I feel at this very moment there are people out there laughing at me now as this is impossible. Although the evidence is clear - I got my August 2010 badge without any article posted during that period. And this is my confession.

I had joined Triond on the mid of August 2010. And there was an August Special that says “Publish at least 5 articles during August and you will automatically receive a 10% increase in revenues!” and in addition to it an August Badge will be awarded too.

My August 2010 Triond Badge.

The month of August 2010 had come to pass. As recorded in my journal I earned less than 50 dollar cents with the August badge. I received the payment with my October pay through Pay Pal. However, I stopped visiting Triond from the start of September to October 20, 2010. And during that period I kept busy posting articles at other paying sites. In my profile page – there were no records of evidence that I have written articles from that particular period of time particularly from August, September till October 20, 2010.

If you will visit my Triond Profile Page – my August badge is visible. And if you will browse my articles published in that section, you will see that my first recorded published article was dated October 21, 2010.

As I told you, this might be a mind boggling question: How did I get my August 2010 Triond Badge? If you will have the interest to answer the above question through your comments you are welcome. Guess as you wish. There will be a surprise waiting! 


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