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How to Tailor Tags Into an Awesome Article

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Tags are powerful magnets that help boost traffics and views to our articles and to the websites that published them. They are compelling keywords and healthy recipe for the hungry search engine optimization.

This is what you would do:

  • First look for the tags you used with your articles that are published already. If you are at Triond – they are found at your profile page either at the top section or at the bottom section.
  • Try checking one of the tags found on that section – after checking it, you will see then that there are hundreds of related articles have used with the same tag written by different authors.
  • Now go back to your page and browse your published articles.
  • Take one of the tags you used from each article. Example: Plagiarism is Not a Crime- this is the title of the article published at socyberty. I used here six tags. I will take one tag from this article which is plagiarism. I will highlight now plagiarism and will insert the URL link of the article on it. If someone has clicked plagiarism – it will lead him to the site where the article Plagiarism is Not a Crime was published.
  • Now proceed writing your awesome article by using the different tags you used on your published articles with inspiration.

Out of 84 articles I have written and was published on those sites powered by Triond excluding this one if approved, I had used at least more than 300 tags – but out of the three hundred tags there are only 20 article tags considered by SEO (search engine optimization) as powerful keywords. 

  1. Business - many online bloggers, authors and writers are using this tag. 
  2. Creative Writing – many online writers on fiction or non fiction are using this tag.
  3. Facebook – one of the biggest social networks with more than 500 million users.
  4. Google – one of the fastest search engines in the Internet.
  5. Guides – many writers have used this for “how to article” for healthy and beauty tips and etc.
  6. Learning – one of the ten virtues that will heal our homes, family and nations.
  7. Mathematics – the only versatile branch of science that people should love.
  8. Money – everybody needs money but don’t let money control you.
  9. Online Income – by blogging and writing awesome articles to paying sites earn income.
  10. Paid To Write – writing reviews for anything, web contents including awesome blogging for paying sites.
  11. Philosophy – everyone lives and guided with norms and philosophy.
  12. Saudi Arabia – the pot of fortune and one of the biggest country oil producers in the world.
  13. Self-Improvement – everybody needs this for our health, life style and many more.
  14. Sex Education - to correct misconceptions about sex and for healthy living.
  15. Society – the world without society is a dead darkened bedroom and no life at all.
  16. Thoughts – everyone has many wonderful thoughts, ideas and opinions to share to the world.
  17. Triond – the place for our awesome blogging, awesome photos, awesome videos and awesome income.
  18. Twitter – a social network with more than 200 million users where to share our awesome articles. 
  19. Virtue – man is the highest form of animal in this planet - born with virtues that need to be cultivated.
  20. Wisdom – living without wisdom is a dead meat – live with wisdom and be happy.

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