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Article About Numbers Will Attract Heavy Traffics Too

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Published on Webupon, Mar 16, 2011 Category – Search Engines

My article about numbers attract heavy traffics and still counting from the date it was published on March 6, 2011 and the tags I used here are just the common tags like - Alphabets, Life, Mathematics, Numerology, Paranormal, Society, Spirituality and Triond.

Out of 94 articles (excluding this one if approved) that are already published on the websites powered by Triond – this one has stood out. So far this article has generated total views of about 1,036 alone that started on the date of publication and still receiving views. Also it accumulated the highest earning points of 56$ cents compared to my other articles. This is something I could be proud of.

From this article, I learned many things like:

  • It is not necessarily to go out often from Triond just to look for ideas to write.
  • Great ideas can be found inside Triond alone.
  • Our own articles and our friends’ articles can suggest other great ideas too.
  • Our own dashboards, contents section including our profile pages are also sources of ideas to write.
  • Our friends’ list section can suggest many ideas to write too.

In addition, I also learned that it is not advisable to write a long article that ranges from 1,500 words and above in one article – instead, it is better to write it by parts or by series – as mostly of Internet surfers don’t spend a long time on reading for a long article. Mostly of them would only stay for at least 5 minutes on reading.

Choosing the best tags for our articles will help boost traffics. Now I enjoy googling first the tags on search engines like – let me Google that for you, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines before applying them to my article.

The tags I used for my article about numbers have helped much to attract views. When I googled them I found the following:

  • AlphabetsGoogle search gave 7,390,000 results.
  • Life – Google search gave 4,730,000,000 results.
  • Mathematics – Google search gave 206,000,000 results.
  • Numerology – Google search gave 6,140,000 results.
  • Paranormal – Google search gave 69,600,000 results.
  • Society – Google search gave 567,000,000 results.
  • Spirituality – Google search gave 61,200,000 results.
  • Triond.com – Google search gave 2,850,000 results.

Also I learned that I should not just leave my article to SEO crawlers. The power of sharing to social networks, blog sites, egroups and forum groups, friends and to my email contacts is also helpful to attract traffics.

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