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How Many Days You Take Off Work During The Year 2010

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This is another silly question that needs not to be taken seriously. This article will give us some details on the number of days we take off work during the year 2010. Again we will apply the perfect and universal branch of science which is Mathematics, by applying the four basic operations – addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Assuming you are working five days a week for eight hours, the normal working time for an employee for a day without overtime. A year is equals to 365 days, if it is leap year + 1. The 365 days are equals to 52 weeks (365/7). A week is equals to 7 days. A day is equals to 24 hours or 1,440 minutes (24×60). An hour is equals to 60 minutes.

There are about 365 day’s available works for you in a year. You work from Monday to Friday and 2 days away from work for 52 weeks which are equals to 104 days (2 x 52). So the total remaining days available work for you are equals to 261 days (365 days – 104 days) or equals to 6,264 hours (261×24 = 6,264) or equals to 375,840 minutes(6,264×60 = 375,840).

Everyday you work 8 hours and away for 16 hours from work. Sixteen hours for 261 days are equals to 174 days or 4,176 hours (261 days x 16 hrs = 4,176 hrs/24hrs = 174 days) you’re away from work. So the total remaining day’s available work for you is 87 days (261 days – 174 days = 87 days).

During working days, you take 15 minutes coffee/snacks break in the morning and another 15 minutes coffee/snacks break in the afternoon aside from 1 hour for your lunch. So during the normal working hours of the day, you don’t work for 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday instead, you only work 6hours and 30 minutes for five days.

One hour and 30 min. for your coffee break and lunch everyday are equals to 90 minutes. Ninety minutes for 87 days are equals to 7,830 minutes or 130.5 hours (87 days x 90 min = 7,830 min/60 min = 130.5 hours). The 130.5 hours are equals to 5.4375 days (130.5 hours/24 hours = 5.4375 days). So the total remaining day’s available work for you is 81.5625 days (87 days – 5.4375 days) or rounded off to 82 days.

Usually you take 2 days sick leave as per your work contract per year. At this time the number of day’s available work for you is equals to 80 days. Every year you are off for holidays such 1 day for National day, 2 days for Saints and Souls day, 1 day forChristmas, 1 day for New Year, 1 day for Labor Day and another 1 day for February 14 which is equals to 7 days. So the remaining total day’s available work for you is equals to 73 days. And every year you take usually 15 days vacation – leaving 58 days, the total number of day’s available work for you.

During the year 2010 you only worked for 58 days. What did you do for the 307days? As I said this is not to be taken seriously but look at the computation – it gives you an idea for a change this coming 2011. Imagine that you spent more days on sleep and relaxation! When I go deeper analyzing it, my brain started to react and arrived a conclusion that maybe this is one of the many reasons why POVERTY is distinct throughout the world!

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