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How to Master Your Lessons Without Memorizing Them

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I am not suggesting you to do the same what I have done. But from my experience with this method, I learned and mastered the lessons so quickly without memorizing them. And I thought this might helps the students, parents, teachers, professionals, businessmen/women and other human beings to learn this formula I discovered.

On the day, I became a DXN distributor – I learned that in order to enjoy success with the business I started, I must have to study the different lessons that are being taught to the new DXN partners. At least I have to attend 5 times for BOM (Business Opportunity Meeting), 5 times for DOP (Distributors Orientation Program), 5 times for Ganotherapy and to familiarize some of the testimonials from other DXN networkers around the world who have succeeded with their DXN business.

During my trainings and seminars, I discovered a formula that helped me learn quickly with my DXN lessons without memorizing them. This formula will also work for students, teachers and other professionals. This is about digesting the lessons by using the 5ws formula and how. 

Actually, this method is already used by writers, other authors, reporters, newscasters, radio broadcasters, bloggers, journalists and others when writing blog articles, books and reports. Their articles, books and reports and other types of writings answered the 5ws.

How this method works? Suppose your lesson today is about BOM (Business Opportunity Meeting). While listening to your mentor, start digesting the lesson by using the 5ws and how formula. The 5ws stand for the following: Who, What, Why, When and Where. All the possible answers that would answer Who - put them under Who. Do it also with What, Why, When, Where and How.

Sample of questions that you will answer:

(1) Who will study the BOM? (2) What is BOM? What you will learn from BOM? (3) Why you need to study BOM? (4) When will you use what you have learned from BOM? (5) Where will you use those lessons you learned from BOM? (6) How to apply those lessons you learned from studying BOM?

The benefits you will get from this method: Your adaptation with the lesson will improve quickly and eventually you will master the lesson without memorizing them. And at the same time you are learning and practicing how to answer questions!

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