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Why You Loved Me

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The most abused question that everyone loves to ask. Writing poetry helps change my mood especially when I am depressed, weary, secluded and dispirited, I do write poems.

Is it because I act naturally
Without pretension?

Or because I am so quiet
I don’t talk too much?

Or because I am cool all the time
I don’t panic no matter
How complicated is the situation?

Or is it because I am a sensitive type
Of a person – I do cry
When I am in deep emotions
Aloof sitting alone in the corner
With my tears?

Or you liked me ‘cause
I am a man of actions?

Or maybe because I am sincere
I seldom say, I’m sorry
But when I say it
It is said with sincerity
And it touches your heart?

Or you loved me because
I am a loving person
Through text messages and calls
I say, I love you?

Or because of my being romantic
To you, through gestures
I show my love, care and affections
I hold your hands, hug you
And kiss your lips?

Or is it because I am always
Here for you, all sunny and rainy days
Guarding you, protecting you
From any harm and keeping
You safe into my arms?

Whatever reasons you have
In mind, I am sure
You loved me because
I am the man you dreamed!

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