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Triond Breaks Records

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Published on Dec 2, 2010 Category - Online Writing

This might be considered as one of my silly thoughts though this is what I feel. And I could not just leave it somewhere else as the idea is popping up in my head. I am not going to compare Triond with the other sites I am also contributing but the impression has marked on my brain. Triond made it and breaks the records!

My December Gift to Triond Community was approved in just less than two minutes by Triond. It happened on December 1, 2010. Triond’s fast approval has impressed me so much. And this impression has already marked on my brain.

I am not going to compare Triond to other sites where I am also writing though the impression I got on December 1, 2010 gave me an idea that Triond made it and no other site has done it yet so far. Was it because Triond is using a powerful and a sophisticated approving tool or Triond staff are always on alert?

When I shared the idea to our Triond forum one of the replies said, “I’ve gotten articles published in 10 seconds. Some of the articles pending process is automatic.” How really fast it was? Does the article has passed to be reviewed?

Another reply said, “Triond usually approves or reject articles submitted to them very fast, but I encountered a very long delay in reviewing my post since yesterday that I have re submitted it for review 3 times. To my dismay that my article still under pending for review till now. Is there anything wrong?My answer to this message, “Wish Triond can read your message here, friend. I also experienced the same. Sometimes it took me six hours waiting for their approval.”

Aside from Triond, I am also contributing articles and other stuff to other sites such, Allvoices, Bukisa and Wikinut. Their approving times range from 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, an hour or a day after submission.

I am only honest to say so the most abused words, “First impression lasts longer.”

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