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Mapping The Roads for Our Articles Helps Boost Traffics, Views and Increase Earnings

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Published on Dec 20, 2010 Category – Social Networks

I believe that the life of every published article is measured on views either it is published on your own blog and website or on a paying site like Triond. An article is nothing at all when nobody reads it – no matter how it was beautifully written. This article will guide you how to mapping the roads of your article to get traffics, views and increase your earnings.

We don’t have to go out from Triond site to look for those roads for our articles’ journey. Triond is keeping them for us. What we need is to explore them and network with them. Following simple procedures, the mapping will be done at its best. And the roads for our articles will be opened for their migrations.

(a) Activation and Linking Process (1) Activate your Twitter account and connect it with Triond. (2) Maximize your use of Twitter for Triond by linking your Triond profile page URL link with your Twitter account. (3) Activate your Facebook account and connect it with Triond. (4) Maximize your use of Facebook by linking your Triond URL profile page with Facebook Networkedblog. (5) Link your Triond profile URL RSS Feed to your blogsite or website.

After you updated them, Triond will now carry out the rest of the job – by sending off your new published articles to those sites without leaving Triond site!

(b) Familiarize Your Visit Trends Section - This section is found below your Triond dashboard. Study the visit trends. The graphings you see on that section give you the daily details on the number of visits on your published articles pages. They will suggest you what to do.

(c) Familiarize the Top Referring - Sites This section is located below your Triond Visit Trend section. Study those sites and determine which of those sites brought the highest traffics or least traffics to your published articles. Those referring sites will help to inspire you to write more.

(d) Familiarize the Traffic Geo Distribution - It is found below the Top Referring Sites. From that section you will see the people from the different countries who love to visit and read your articles and the total percentage of your viewers from each country. You should be happy for knowing that your articles have reached out too far!

(e) Familiarize the Bookmark and Share - This section is found at the left corner of your published articles under “Share”. It caters hundreds of sites to share your articles. This is good because you don’t have to go out from Triond site. Just a short click of the site  link your article will be sent off immediately.

Full Story Mapping The Roads for Our Articles Helps Boost Traffics, Views and Increase Earnings

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