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Awesome Blog Means Awesome Views and Income

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Published on Jan 1, 2011 Category – Blogging

Before the end of 2010, my Triond profile page has recorded an additional 500 views. It ocurred during the month of December 2010. Now my views badge is already 1000. That is awesome for me as it has increased my Triond income!

December 31, 2010, my Triond views has reached to 124, it was my busiest day ever recorded compared to my previous days statistics at Triond. And out of 124 views, one of my articles published re New Year’s Day is Not Always January One received 102 views. My viewers came from the USA. This record is really awesome for me as a newbie. This means an increase of my Triond earnings.

Ang Manlilikha

During the month of December 2010, my articles have reached so far to the following countries: United States garnered 50% of viewers, Saudi Arabia 16% of viewers, India 10% of viewers, Philippines 7% of viewers, Canada 6% of viewers, Kuwait 6% of viewers and China 5% of total viewers.

And also during the month of December 2010, I notice that the referring sites are working together to bring traffics and views to my Triond articles pages. The number one referring site is,,,,,,,,, and I am happy looking at my blogsite ( as one of the referring sites recorded at Triond. Happy New Year to all!

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